Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome! It's Orientation Day!

The beginning of many new beginnings this year for us, today was Kindergarten Orientation.  It turns out, as many friends who have made this journey before us shared, not a big deal for the little man!  It was, however, a day of mixed emotions for me.

First Day

My little boy. the doorway.
I feel your hand search for mine
and wrap around my fingers.
Suddenly, I am transported.
Past days, over months, through years...
to when I first felt your tiny hand
stretch to hold my smallest finger
in an effort to ground yourself
in a moment when you were surrounded
by the unknown.
In an instant I knew you were 
my heart.
Each sigh, every cry
was music.
Each wiggle, every snuggle
was magic.
Each breath, every movement
a miracle.
My miracle.
A smile...
I see your smile.
And I'm drawn from my memories -
from what seems only minutes ago.
To today,
and your hand,
so tightly squeezing mine.
I look around at other mothers lost in time.
And off you go to meet their miracles.
My little man.

Phew!  Nothin' like a little cathartic free verse.  Yeah...I'm totally bringing tissues to the real first day next week!  

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