You Should Write That Down

How many times have we heard, when relating something that our children have said or done, that we should record those special memories?  "You know, you really should write that down," the advice usually goes, "They don't stay little for long, and someday when the kiddo who was SO cute isn't so cute anymore, you'll need these stories to remind you how it once was."

So I've been thinking about all of those things that our little man has done and said in the past five years. I thought of things like the time that he told us his favorite superhero was our priest because he helps people and wears "that big cape" (which has already passed us by...the Hulk now takes the top of the list), to just last Friday when, after getting my hair cut, I picked him up after school and on the way to the car he told me, "I almost didn't know you, Mama.  Your face and everything else looks the same, but your hair looks cool."  I'm realizing that I am losing little bits, here and there...but there is also so much more to come - especially in Kindergarten!

That being said, here is my new page!  Surely not worthy of a blog post unto itself, I'll stop by here every now and again to share something that Little Man says or does that I want to remember...and I hope will make you smile.  If anyone has a little gem or two from their own children - as we all know our "kids say the darnedest things," please feel free to share as well.

You Should Write That Down - #1
Little Man was so excited to bring home his 1st Kindergarten Library book! He got in the car and pulled it out of the bag as I started to drive. I asked him what he signed out and he said, "Boogie Nights." I looked at him through the rear view mirror after choking on my tea and asked, "What's that now?" He held it up...Boogie KNIGHTS. Thank goodness. ;-)

You Should Write That Down - #2
We sat down to watch a little Scooby Doo on demand.  It happened to be one about a mystery under "The Big Top."  As clowns came onto the screen, my little guy asked, "Are you still afraid of clowns?" (It is well known in our family that clowns are not my favorite part of the circus.  I was terrified of them as a child, and even as an adult...frankly...I'm still a little freaked out by them.)  Trying to not let my irrational fear sway his opinion of clowns, I explained that it was silly and I knew it was just a television show anyway.  He said, "When you get scared of clowns just tell yourself they are not real."

"Ok, Buddy. Thanks."  When a clown came on again, I thought I would try it to show him that I was listening to his advice. "Those clowns are not real," I said.

"In your head, Mama. Think of me and say it."

"Oh. Ok."

A few seconds passed and then, "Mama? Are you saying it? I can't hear you?"

"I'm saying it in my head."

"But I'm not hearing you.  You need to be louder in there."

You Should Write That Down - #3
5:00 AM - 1st Morning of "Fall-Back Time" - really dark

Lil' Man: Daddy. Mommy. It's morning time.

Daddy: Not yet, Buddy. It's early. Only 5 o'clock. Get back in bed.

Lil' Man: Oh. OK.

Ten minutes later...pitter-pat of little feet.

Lil' Man: (whispering - as only a 5 yr old can) Hey, you guys, I know what the clock says, but my brain says they are wrong!!

You Should Write That Down - #4
Background info: I'm terrified of clowns - I know it's ridiculous, but they seriously freak me out.

At a birthday party where there was a clown, while squeezing my hand:
"Mommy, don't be scared.  Even scary looking clowns are happy on the inside.  They're clowns!"

Somehow, my 5 year old did make me feel much better. LOL

You Should Write That Down - #5
After seeing a commercial for Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas:

"Mama, did I miss the Christmas play at church yesterday?"
"No, Baby. Remember, Ms JoDee was sick, too, so no Sunday School yesterday. I don't think anyone has even talked about it yet. Thanksgiving has to come first, right?"
"Yeah. Cuz, remember I was Jesus for Easter?"
"This play will be happier, right?"

Yes, Lil' Man. Yes it will. Especially for Jesus. 


  1. At Xzander's school they have a "think" chair rather than time out. His Dad asked him the other day how the "think" chair was and he answered "Ya know, it is pretty comfortable Dad!" I am guessing he has been there a couple of times all ready!

    1. Clauida, I really did just laugh right out loud when I read that! Love it! And...I love a thoughtful child. ;-)


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