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On this page we will share the books that Little Man brings home from his school's library to explore. Being a teacher myself, I know that even at the age level I work with in middle school, choosing books that kids enjoy AND are appropriate books for their reading levels can be challenging.  When we have a book that my little guy loves reading (or listening to...or both) and is something that we think other families may enjoy for reading time, too, it will be listed here.  Truthfully, reading with your child is one of the best ways to not only prepare him/her for all that comes with going to school, but it is such a great way to squeeze some really good quality time into a busy day.  We hope that some of our good finds will become part of your daily reading time, too.

Interrupting Chicken - by David Ezra Stein

A Caldecott Honor book, Interrupting Chicken is a very funny peek into the nightly reading routine of a little red chicken and her papa. Like many of our own little ones, the little chicken in this story gets very involved in the readings of her favorite tales and often interrupts Papa mid-story.  She knows she shouldn't, but she just can't help herself!

One of our favorite parts of this story is when the little red chicken interrupts Papa during his reading of "Chicken Little."   Her quick shout out  - "Don't panic!  It's only an acorn!" - has become a bit of a regular saying in our house now.  If anyone starts to get a little anxious...Little Man is right there with that great piece of advice!

Interrupting Chicken was our favorite book to read this past week, and I just know it will be signed out again soon.  Sure to get you and your little readers giggling, too...see if you can find it in a library near you!

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