Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let's Walk to School Today!

In recognition of International Walk to School Day, our son's elementary school - as well as the other elementary buildings in our school district- met at the various local parks in our area for a community breakfast, followed by a short stroll to their respective school buildings before starting the day.  The purpose of the event was to encourage the children to see the value in physical activity.  Parents were invited to participate in the walk, and as was immediately clear upon arrival, the kids were really excited!

Despite the gloomy weather, everyone enjoyed the adventure.  Many of the kids, including Little Man, were very impressed by the police escort we had leading us, controlling traffic and keeping us safe all the way to school.  Tonight at dinner the memory of congratulatory high-fives from a policeman as we reached the end of our journey was the biggest take-away from the day.  "You know, he's a hero, Mama, and he was with us.  It was the "awesomest" part.  Oh, and also his car."  I love that! :)

I saw on the news that many schools across the country did similar things. Did your family take part in a similar event?  If so, please consider sharing your experience today in the comments below.  


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